How to put lenses in a Cold Heggem frame

The following are guidelines for opticians on how to put lenses in a COLD HEGGEM frame. The frames are handcrafted out of genuine horn or carbon laminated wood, and therefore some special concerns apply, when putting lenses in.

Please note: We recommend that you carefully follow the guidelines. The guarantee we provide for our customers is conditioned on this. If you should be unfortunate to break or damaged them, it is yours insurance that is responsible for the customer’s replacement of a new frame.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. See contact details below.


Always scan each side

It is important to scan both sides of the frame individually. Because the frames are handcrafted, there will be small differences in the two sides of the frame. The grooves will always vary slightly in each side.


When cutting the lenses

It is very important that the lenses are not too large for the frame. We recommends to cut lenses for horn -0.1 smaller than usually, and for wood -0,2 . Horn and wood cannot tolerate that the lenses is `stressing` the frame. If this happens the frame will start flaking in the material.

and this is on the opticians guarantee. Our organic material is working differently than other artificial materials. Horn and wood do not expands, they are working in the same material way as a spectacle frame in metal – their shape is constant.


Guidelines for horn

  1. Frames of genuine horn need to be heated up before the lenses are carefully popped in. Do this by carefully heat the frame up either by warm air or a heating machine. Do this individually on each side before putting the lenses into the frame – if not the frames can be damaged.
  2. Now carefully press the lens in the frame, and proceed to wipe the water off gently with a cotton cloth.
  3. To finish the job, apply a little of the oil that comes with the frame. Now let the frame sit for 15 minutes and then gently wipe the frame with a cotton cloth.


Guidelines for wood

  1. Before putting the lenses in the spectacle frame apply oil on the frame and let it stand for 30 -60 min, then gently wipe the frame with a cotton cloth.
  2. The wood frames are laminated with carbon between the layers. This gives the frame strength and flexibility. Therefore the lenses can be popped gently into the wooden frame cold.


Personal adjustment of temples

Our temples can be adjusted to the specific customer by heating them op

Do this by carefully by heating up the specific place on the temples either by warm air or a heating machine, and bend it after the customer ears. And then put it under cold water, to make it stay in the new proportion, you can do it again, just be carful not going over 180 Celsius (°C) / 356 Fahrenheit (°F).

If you as an optometrist have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.