- interview with Sille Krukow.

Sille Krukow

Chief Behavior Designer in ‘Krukow - Behavioral Design Consultancy’, lecturer and TV host.


"We react unconsciously to our surroundings. It can e.g. be light, sound, air, movement. And then we act. As a behavioral designer, I deliberately create small, carefully selected changes in the environment that influence our decisions.


If people are wearing glasses, we will typically consider them to be 'smarter'. The design of the glasses can affect both our own and others' behavior.


I got my first glasses when I had to act as an expert on DR. Behavioral design is a male-dominated and highly academic field. I got some really distinctive glasses made. In that environment, you can get planed if you stand out, but I thought, ‘When I put my glasses on, I become the expert.’ Then they had to think what they wanted.


It worked tremendously well. I'm going to look like a little girl easily, but I'm actually acting very masculine. The glasses helped make it visible. If you put on a pair of distinctive glasses, in horns, you will really be seen. In the beginning, when I was fighting for my seat, they were a kind of ‘armor.’ My new glasses from here are less striking, more feminine.


I met Rasmus and Irene just as my life was changing dramatically. I came in and everything was totally delicious. They made me feel safe. We had a conversation about where I stood in life. Rasmus could really see me. Decode my style. And then the materials were hugely delicious. I wanted to step on stage as an expert wearing horns, not plastic.


I have an identity without glasses, where I am relaxed with my children or on a walk in the woods. And then I have a work identity with glasses. I also want a pair of their super cool sunglasses. Everyone should wear cool glasses. ”


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