A tailor-made horn spectacle

As a customer with us, you have several options:

If you want the spectacle design that you already have and are used to and comfortable with, then bring the spectacles to us. Then we make it in horn - the world's best material for glasses - and in the color shade you prefer.

You may also want to try some of our eyewear designs and possibly get suggestions on how the design can be adjusted to suit your particular face and personality.

Or maybe you need a bigger change, and then Rasmus Cold is ready to develop a whole new design with you.

Whatever you choose, Cold Heggem is uncompromising about craftsmanship, presence and conversation. Here care and presence - indeed also love - are put into every single spectacle. Here we value the meeting with you as a customer. There is always a focus on your errand, what you would like to express with new glasses.

Precise measurements must be taken of your face so that the glasses will fit perfectly.

Last but not least, our skilled and experienced optician Lisbet Gertsen must perform a vision test. We work with Zeiss and offer their entire range of quality glass. As part of this process, we can improve poor night and twilight vision as well as increase your vision's perception of contrast and clarity. With us, the best coating and anti-reflection are always included.

Tailored glasses without physical encounter
If you can not come to Copenhagen, then it is actually possible to tailor a pair of glasses for you from a distance. It takes a little longer, but with the help of exchanging goals, pictures and conversations as well as some shipments back and forth, it can be done. We have surprisingly good experiences with it. Contact us if you want to know more.