Care instructions

Our spectacle frame is made of horn, a strong organic material that also requires a little care to maintain durability and expression. We recommend that you treat the horn frame with the enclosed linseed oil wax every three months. The wax forms a protected layer on the surface of the frame.

1. Rinse the spectacle lenses in cold water and use a microfiber cloth to polish them. Do not soak the glasses, but wipe the frame with a slightly damp cotton cloth.
2. Place wax on a cotton cloth and rub the frame in with soft circular motions.
3.Wipe off excess wax and make sure there is nothing left on the jars.
4.We recommend that you do not wear the glasses in chlorinated water, as chlorine dries out and bleaches. Also, do not place your glasses close to strong heat sources or humid places for extended periods.
5. Do not try to correct your spectacle frame yourself. Have it adjusted by us or another optician instead. All opticians can adjust our frames.
6. Avoid putting the glasses up in the hair as it may extend them so that they then require adjustment.
7. Always keep your glasses in a proper case when not in use so that they are protected.