Our task
You can get your own bespoke handmade glasses here. We make them in horn - an exceptionally strong and light organic material. Horns have been developed and improved over millions of years, when buffaloes have fought fierce battles and the genome of the strongest has been carried on. The result today is second to none when it comes to making glasses. Horn is a beautiful, demanding but also thankful material to work with when you know the craft. A horn spectacle from Cold Heggem is unique, we tailor it for you and it can last a lifetime. We do not compromise on quality, that is why our glass supplier is Zeiss, and when you get your vision measured and tested with us, it is with the best equipment from Zeiss, made by a skilled and experienced optician.

Our mission
Rasmus Cold is the designer behind the eyewear collections. For 10 years, he has developed a catalog of unique eyewear designs from the workshop in Copenhagen, manufactured for local as well as foreign customers, some of whom come from far and wide. His inseparable partner and partner is Irene Heggem, the organizer and the company's CEO, who makes the wheels spin and the customers talk. Irene Heggem and Rasmus Cold are on a mission to spread the unique product that a well-designed, handmade spectacle in horn is. And it is unfortunately necessary. The manufacture of spectacles in horn is an almost forgotten craft, displaced by cheaper and inferior materials, which in turn are better suited for industrial mass production. Rasmus Cold and Irene Heggem see it as a duty to fight for the real craft - without shortcuts and compromises - partly because they love it, but especially because the end product is superior in quality and functionality.

Our method
We strive to merge design and craftsmanship, arts and sciences, aesthetics and precision - in the customer's interest. At Cold Heggem, the customer meets both the designer of the glasses' shape and color, but also the craftsman who manufactures the glasses with his hands. When you buy glasses with us, this meeting and the process are crucial. Both the design professional and the manufacturing technical expertise are available to you, in your search for the perfect glasses. That conversation and that adaptation is very important to us. This is exactly what makes Cold Heggem glasses a unique and original product that you will not find anywhere else.
All faces are different. Therefore, the dimensions of your glasses must be adjusted to your face with millimeter precision. At the same time, the design of glasses can send very different signals on different faces. Maybe you yourself are good at assessing this ‘language’, and maybe you are not. In any case, the customization process here at Cold Heggem is your guarantee of a clarification of what different eyeglass designs can contribute when you want to find an eyeglass that suits your personality. And at the same time sits perfectly on your face.
At Cold Heggem, the design profession is fused with the noble craft - to produce a handmade horn spectacle for the individual. To our knowledge, we are the only ones in the world who practice this fusion of disciplines. And given how obvious and fruitful this fusion is, it still amazes us that it is so rare. In return, it blesses us with happy and satisfied customers. And strengthens us in the belief in the value of our mission.

Our philosophy
We call our practice and philosophy ‘Sustainable Optics’ - sustainable optics - and we mean sustainable in every sense. Our production is 100% sustainable, and our relationship with suppliers, partners, employees and customers is based on respect and durability. But first and foremost, a customer with us gets a pair of glasses in the best possible material that fits perfectly and where the design is adapted to you. It is durability in every sense of the word and it increases the likelihood that you can wear the glasses for the rest of your life. We strive for originality, authenticity and honesty. That is true sustainability. 

Our stores
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Since 2018, we have been ambassadors for Lukashuset, Denmark's only hospice offer for children and young people. The Lukashuset was opened by the Sankt Lukas Foundation in 2015 without public funding and provides a framework for both dying and temporarily ill children to be accommodated with their families. When buying our handmade leather and leather products as well as an optics club in horn, DKK 50 of the income goes undiminished to Lukashuset.