Buffalo horn

Buffalo horns are perhaps the strongest, lightest and most beautiful organic material available. It is at least ‘second to none’ when it comes to making glasses. Evolution has developed and refined horns as a weapon of war and an often beautiful marker of strength and hierarchy. The buffaloes with the strongest horns, which were at the same time light, flexible and durable, have for millions of years had greater chances of passing on the genus and their genome.

The horns we make glasses from today are just as unique as the animals that wore them. When we work to shape the horn for your glasses, we always do so with respect for the material qualities that are in the horn pieces you have helped to choose.
Buffalo horns contain beautiful patterns and color tones, ranging from elegant gray-black shades to warm amber. In addition, there are the rarer shades of green, blue-gray and white. The innate colors give each piece of horn its own expression and can play beautifully with the natural colors of a face.

Our buffalo horns come from authorized suppliers in India, Scotland and Denmark. It is important for us to know that the animals that have carried the horns we use for our glasses have lived a good and dignified life. A spectacle frame made of horn feels light and comfortable when you go with it. Horns are durable and the frames can be adjusted as easily as glasses in metal and plastic. The frames are free of allergens and made of sustainable materials.