100% sustainable

Irene Heggem, the organizer and CEO of the company, who makes the wheels spin.

Cold Heggem's production is 100% sustainable. We avoid any kind of waste. Materials left over from the manufacture of our products are recycled and included in a circular economy. Either we use it ourselves for other products - such as lamps, leather and leather products such as spectacle cases, pencil cases and bags - or we forward it to our partners such as Muldiverset in Præstø in South Zealand. Here, excess horn is composted or used to make e.g. buttons.

The mule universe is a universe in itself. They have a dining house, a farm shop, a bakery and a production kitchen that is circularly integrated. They also provide catering. Muldiverset is housed in a renovated former poultry barn from 1912 in the beautiful village of Stavreby on Jungshoved in Præstø and is worth a visit. The menu is simple with few dishes and classic open sandwiches. Everything is made from scratch from local 100% biodynamic and organic ingredients from South Zealand. The kitchen prepares groceries for the farm shop, which also offers personal care items, quality recycled clothing, sustainable non-food items and, of course, also fairtrade balloons for children's birthdays. 
Everything in Muldiverset and in Cold Heggem is built around beauty, aesthetics, circularity, no waste, recycling and reuse. True sustainability can be linked to wholes between companies and people. Both in the big and in the small. That is the philosophy behind the choice of natural ingredients. Both at Muldiverset and with us in Cold Heggem.