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Cold Heggem
Here’s a selection of our designs. We use them as archetypes, when we design a pair of spectacles for you. We work with them as a starting point and develop the eyewear that fits the shape, color and temperament of the individual customer. You can read more about the process in 'Tailor-made / bespoke' and under 'Our method'. You can also choose to buy the models as they are, where the frame is adapted to your face's measurements.

Other brands
We also carry a few other brands whose high quality, we couldn’t resist. Here’s a selection. We have more in our stores, so if you’re interested, you should come visit us.

Matsuda is Japanese quality design. Matsuda’s philosophy is close to our own: They take time to do things properly. The creation of a single frame can take up to 2 years, and the process has up to 250 different steps. Matsuda uses only exquisite materials: Japanese acetate, titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver and gold. Mitsuhiro Matsuda created his fashion house in Tokyo 50 years ago and became known for his blend of Japanese tradition and inspiration from Western fashion. Part of Matsuda's DNA is extreme focus on detail and craftsmanship. The art of engraving is crucial in the creation of Matsuda's frames.

When we succeed in finding old original high quality spectacles, that represent good design – and they are in perfect condition – we give them a little extra love and attention and are proud to present them in our stores. These vintage spectacles are the best qualities of their time. Furthermore, they are sustainable because it’s recycling. We have designs from Cartier, Cazal, Bugatti and Christian Dior among others.

Other products
We design and manufacture more than spectacles. All handmade. Here’s a selection. The rest you’ll have to come and see in our stores.

Spectacles cases
We have developed a spectacles case in core leather with sides in buffalo horn and a button in the middle of the case. The horn button protects you’re spectacles when stored. The cases are made individually to fit your specific eyewear.

Bags and belts
Our handmade calfskin bags, cases for watches and belts in horn, leather and skin are all handmade from exquisite materials. This also applies to our leather 'artist bag' for painting tools, brushes and watercolors. Our skins and leathers come from small tanneries that use sustainable methods. They are mainly vegetable tanned and originate primarily from Scotland, Italy and France.

Natural pearls are beautiful in combination with horn and leather. We offer a selection of sustainable Tahiti pearls as earrings. They are available with a trumpet of 18 carat gold or white gold. Natural sustainable pearls come as they are. There’s no post processing or change of color or gloss. The pearls appear with exactly the qualities nature has created.

In Tahiti both men and women, young and old, wear pearls. Especially the dark color tones of pearls are proudly displayed to visitors of the island, and these pearls look magnificent in combination with horn. Rasmus Cold has designed a bracelet in pearls, horn and leather that unites the materials – in our own opinion – sublimely and superbly. It expresses raw power as well as exclusive elegance in an unpretentious way. Suitable for both men and women.
Made to order.

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