Unique glasses

Unique glasses in real horns 

At Cold Heggem, we create glasses in real horns. Materials that have a lightness and an expression you will not find in plastic and metal - the preferred materials in industrially produced frames. We work from a fixed collection, and each time modify the glasses for the individual customer.
We carefully tailor, design and handcraft the frame for you based on your wishes and your face shape.


Why Cold Heggem

We work in detail with a focus on each face's unique proportions, your colors and of course based on your taste. We start by trying out template frames, taking measurements and looking at pictures, but you are also welcome to bring your own inspiration. Maybe in the form of a frame you have been happy with and want in a redesigned version. We also have a collection of frames that we can customize for you or use as a reference for your personal design.
It is a matter of millimeters to create a shape that accentuates the goodness of your face shape, which gives character to your appearance or is just discreetly present. It is a precision in the design that can only be achieved by tailoring.
Gold silver and precious stones can also be included in the design.


Cold Heggem Optics

When the frame is finished, you need to have the right glasses. We order and assemble the lenses in your new spectacle frame - and both with glasses made of wood and horn, adjustment and assembly is an uncomplicated process. We can offer you to come to our own optician in our new optics studio in Toldbodgade 16 Kld., Copenhagen K. Here you get a free, qualified vision test from our skilled and experienced optician, who also helps to identify your needs and desires. for spectacle lenses. We collaborate with Carl Zeiss www.zeiss.dk and can offer the entire Zeiss range of quality glass. As part of this process, we can improve poor night and twilight vision, as well as increase your vision's perception of contrast and clarity. We also offer quality contact lenses.


How - Make an appointment

Make an appointment with us and come by our store. Here you can see and touch our designs, and we can talk about what you want. From here we can start the process if you choose to get yourself a pair of Cold Heggem glasses.


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Bespoke shows in genuine horn

Cold Heggem - Danish handcrafted design

At Brilleskrædderiet, Cold Heggem studio we design glasses in genuine horn. Materials superior in lightness and character to steel and plastic; the standard materials used in industrial design. We customize, shape and craft the frame to suit your face and your desires. We also have a collection we can tailor for you personally, or use as a reference when developing your personal design.


Why Cold Heggem

A wood frame is a unique design object with a quite different feel than a frame of steel or plastic. The delicate silver tone of ash veneer, the depth of smoked oak tree or the simple raw surface of birch veneer give quite different and tangible aesthetic qualities than artificial materials. A frame made of wood and horn feels light and comfortable to wear, and the frames can be adjusted just as easily as with metal and plastic glasses. The frames contain no allergens and are made of sustainable materials having minimum negative impact on the environment.



The glasses are designed and handmade by Rasmus Cold, design graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Rasmus developed the idea of handmade wood frames as early as 2004, and since then he has acquired an exclusive understanding of the craft. During the past eight years, Rasmus has tested the materials, developed the strength of the frames and designed glasses for satisfied customers in his studio at Frederiksberg before moving to the heart of Copenhagen city - Pistolstræde 6.


Cold Heggem Optics

When your frame is done it's time to fit them with the right lenses. We order and install the lenses; we work with Carl Zeiss to provide the best lenses in the world. You can visit our optician in our studio Toldbodgade16 Kld, Copenhagen, for a complete, free vision test. Our skilled and experienced optician will help determine your lense needs, and as part of this process we can help improve your nighttime vision, clarity and sense of contrast. We also offer quality contact lenses.



Make an appointment, or simply drop by our studio. Here you can see and feel our designs and we can understand your wishes. From this point we can begin the design process, if you choose to get a pair of Cold Heggem glasses.


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