About the Designer

All frames are created personally by chief designer Rasmus Cold. Rasmus spent his youth training various aspects of design before graduating from The Danish School of Design in 2004. He has worked as a stage and production designer developing a flair for style and fashion. Rasmus started experimenting with wooden hand made eyewear in 2004, and has gradually explored materials in order to develop durable, elegant designs. He has a deep affection for organic living materials like horn, wood and leather, and he has found horn frames to be ideal for durable, bespoke eyewear fashion. He sees with his fingers and feels with his eyes, as he matches the frame to bring life to the individual personality



All frames are personally designed by Rasmus Cold. Rasmus has been trained in many facets of the design subject since his youth and in 2004 was trained as a scenographer from the Danish Design School. Has for a number of years worked as a theater and film set designer and developed a sense of style and fashion. Rasmus began his experiments with handmade wooden glasses as early as 2004. and he has since explored materials thoroughly with a view to developing a unique, strong and sustainable design. He has a great love for living, organic materials such as horn, wood and leather, and in just buffalo horns he has found the ideal material for durable, handmade glasses. He sees with his fingers and feels with his eyes when he makes the frame bring the individual face to life.